At What Age Are Cats Considered Full-Grown?

Cats’emotional development

People used to calculate cat age by multiplying every cat year by 7 human years. However, that is a misconception. Your cat’s “emotional age” can’t be calculated by an exact algorithm because the first year of growth for a cat is a massive aging process. From birth to one year old, cats go through huge changes that cover their childhood, puberty and a little into their early adulthood, so after one year your cat is approximately 24 years old in human development. Does this mean they are fully grown? No. In general, your cat’s emotional growth varies, but follows specific milestones:

Ages 0-6 months: These months can be viewed your cat’s childhood and puberty. Kittens’baby teeth fall out during this time, and their sexual maturity begins.

This is when your cat absorbs the most information and training, so now is the time to focus on teaching and interacting with your cat so they learn as much as possible about living with you.

Ages 6 months- 1 year: These years are your cat’s teen years. It’s important if you plan on neutering to aim to do it prior to the one year (your vet will have a way to tell you if they’re healthy enough and weigh enough to undergo the procedure). Not only does this help control overpopulation, but it can control some unwanted behavior, like urine spraying and marking, that might continue if you neuter them past a certain age. By the end of the year your cat will be an adult, maturity-wise, which will mean they have completed going through their sexual maturity. At this point in their maturity you should continue training and interacting so they become socialized.

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