7 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates Being Picked Up

Have you ever wondered why your cat hates being picked up? Worried you’re doing something wrong? Read on for 7 reasons why he’s just not into your snuggles!


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Imagine that you’re no more than your cat and going on your business when somebody picks you up without warning.

How would you feel? Scared is the very first thing to come calmly to mind.

Some cats hate being picked up because the whole experience is too terrifying for them.

I’m talking about cats who startle easily by loud noises or sudden movements and dash to hide whenever they feel threatened.

Unfortunately, some kitties are shy and easy to spook by nature, and you can’t do much to change their personality.

For some, getting picked up by humans is too close to being attack by predators, so they’re never going to enjoy it.

If your cat seems genuinely afraid when you pick them up, you should leave your kitty on the ground.

Let them approach you on their terms to avoid getting scratched or antagonizing your cat.


Another reason why your cat hates being picked up is a lack of socialization.

You may think that socialization is a puppy thing, but it’s an essential kitten care tip as well.

If a young kitten doesn’t get exposed to humans early in their life, they might be wary and shy around people.

Cats who hadn’t had positive human interactions usually see your petting and cuddling attempts as something dangerous.

They don’t understand that you show your affection and love by holding them and would claw their way from the hands if they have to.

Fortunately, unsocialized cats might turn to like being held if you put effort into making it a very positive experience.

Give your cat plenty of treats so long as kitty doesn’t struggle and put her down when she wants to.


Cats love to observe the world from up high, but only when they get there on their free will.

Pick them up and place them on the counter or the chair, and they will give you the stinky eye.

So, some cats feel like you don’t respect their climbing abilities when you pick them up to hold them.

They prefer to reach their destitution by themselves and feel offended that you think they need your help to do it.

What you certainly can do in these situations is to put more vertical space in your own home and let your cat come to your eye level by themselves.

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