7 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates Being Picked Up

Have you ever wondered why your cat hates being picked up? Worried you’re doing something wrong? Read on for 7 reasons why he’s just not into your snuggles!

Maybe you have wondered why your cat hates being picked up?

Some cats like to be held, but others try to wiggle the moment you hug them.

So, today we’re going to explore 7 reasons why your cat doesn’t like it when you hold them.

Picking your cat up and holding their purring bodies to your chest is among the perks of being a cat owner.

It relaxes you and makes your worries and anxiety disappear for a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, some cats barely tolerated being held and do the impossible to avoid your cuddling attempts.

So, are you doing something wrong, or is your cat strange? Let’s find out together.

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