17 Intriguing Cat Superstitions Around the World

This list of cat superstitions around the world proves that cats really do have a long history. Loved or hated, they were a part of it!


A black cat crossing your way is a sign of bad luck, so you should avoid that at all costs.


It’s believed that if a young, unmarried woman steps on a cat’s tail, she won’t get married that year. So, be careful!

There’s also entire cultures based on cats and their existence, some thinking they are divine, others believe they will bring a world of chaos.

Of course, different cultures and traditions will have different opinions.

Some say they should be avoided, others believe that they bring good luck or material gains.

No matter what their reasons are, I think we can agree that cats are amazing creatures, and this list of cat superstitions all over the world proves it.

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